An essential requirement for food production is being able to ensure traceability in case of problems. Knight Meats is one of the few catering butchers in the UK to operate a fully barcoded scanning system, allowing us to uniquely identify every item, ensuring full traceability.

The result is a system that not only allows us to track deliveries from door to door, but also has several benefits when processing customer orders. Each item has its own unique barcode attached, which allows us to identify every product.

When a product is picked for an order, the details are recorded using reliable handheld scanners. Data is then imported directly into the computer, not only saving time but also eliminating errors that often occur during manual input. The scanners conveniently produce invoices automatically, significantly saving time on administration, giving us more time to focus on our customers’ needs.

In the unfortunate and rare event of a problem arising, items can be traced back to source by extracting the invoice from the system, without the need to retrieve the label. All this information is available in-house.